Pfaelzer Brothers Holiday Catalog 2016 Page 27 Pfaelzer Brothers

Celebrate family bonds, new business ventures or promotions with succulent steaks, smoked hams and ice cream truffles. This is the ultimate gift of Pfaelzer Brothers; it keeps giving month after month. The special people who receive these plans will delight in knowing there's always something special on its way. Choose our 12-month, 6-month, or 4-month plan, and we'll do the rest. Before the first shipment, your recipients will receive a special announcement describing the gift you've chosen for them in delicious detail. Show them they're at the top of your mind and first in your heart. 12 Month Best of Pfaelzer Holiday Plan Dec-Nov #64970 $1325 6 Month Best of Pfaelzer Holiday Plan Dec/Feb/Apr/June/Aug/Oct # 64971 $725 4 Month Best of Pfaelzer Holiday Plan Dec/Mar/June/Sept #64973 $500 Please visit for complete details on our Holiday Plans. BEST OF PFAELZER BROTHERS HOLIDAY PLANS OCTOBER Shrimp & Filet Feast NOVEMBER Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler JUNE Ultimate Burgers JULY Pfaelzer's Famous Filets PFAELZERBROTHERS.COM 2 7

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