Pfaelzer Brothers Holiday Catalog 2016 Page 25 Pfaelzer Brothers

ITALIAN ICE CREAM TRUFFLES Our decadent Italian gelato is made with more cream than traditional ice cream for rich, creamy taste that will leave you wanting more. This handmade assortment features one dozen large, distinctive Italian gelato scoops that are smothered in a rich chocolate shell and either garnished with almonds, pecans, or chocolate chips. Each truffle is approximately a quarter pound. 12 truffles. #64505 $76 CHOCOLATE SHELL - Banana with Peanuts - Burnt Caramel - Coconut with Almonds - Cookies & Cream - Praline Pecan - Raspberry - Strawberry - Tiramisu WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIP SHELL - Apricot - White Chocolate Hazelnut ALMOND SHELL - Caramel Fudge CHOCOLATE CHIP SHELL - Bittersweet Chocolate ce cream for rich, creamy taste one dozen large, distinctive ither garnished with almonds, nd. 12 truffles. HELL CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKES There's no worry about losing fingers over these delicacies! With 4 individual cakes, everyone gets their own rich chocolate cake filled to the brim with smooth molten chocolate. The perfect way to end a meal or celebrate a special day. 4 (5.5 oz) cakes 3" cakes. Serves 4. #64204 $40 PFAELZERBROTHERS.COM 2 5 CHOCO There's no wo delicacies gets their o brim with sm way to en PFA

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