Pfaelzer Brothers Holiday Catalog 2016 Page 2 Pfaelzer Brothers

In 1923, Monroe, Ellard and Leonard Pfaelzer started their business on the cobblestone streets of Chicago, selling the highest quality, hand-selected steaks. Now, nearly a century later, we continue their legacy for providing the finest steaks in the meatpacking capital and beyond. We work directly with master butchers who share our commitment to uncompromised quality, guaranteeing an array of steaks, many sourced within 300 miles of Chicago. Because of a grain-based diet, these cuts of meat contain rich marbling and yield a more juicy, tender, and delicious taste. The Pfaelzer name has always been-and continues to be-synonymous with high quality. Whether you're celebrating a family event, giving a gift to a loved one, or sending a token of appreciation to a business client, we hope you'll enjoy sharing the hallmark tastes of Pfaelzer Brothers with the people you value most. A SELECTION OF WINES Page 23 800.621.0226 2

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